What Contributes to High Level of Cholesterol in the Blood Stream of Modern Man? A Deep Understanding ------
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What Contributes to High Level of Cholesterol in the Blood Stream of Modern Man? A Deep Understanding ------

Complex and full of stress/anxiety life style together with high intake of diet rich in animal fats have largely contributed to the raised level of cholesterol in the blood stream of modern man.

There are two types of cholesterols in human body HDLand LDL .These are also called good and bad cholesterols depending on their  nature and function in human body.HDL are our friendly cholesterols that help in dissolving depositions of cholesterol in our arteries. The many fold rise in heart diseases may be attributed to high concentration of cholesterol in blood stream of the modern complex man. What to speak of men and women  passing through their old age, even teenagers and youngsters  have been found suffering from severe form of hypertension and unimagined level of high cholesterol in their blood stream..

Changed life style pattern

The behavior pattern or stress and tension characterized by aggressiveness, competitive drive, ambitiousness and craziness and sense of hurriedness and urgency, forebodings / anxiety / anticipatory anxiety, obsessional thinking about any subject is associated with enhanced risk of cholesterol as compared with happy, contended relaxed life pattern and behavior. The life style of modern man has gone through to many drastic changes in last two decades. The outward changes in the outer material and industrial world are simply astonishing. The modern man is really “tech man” in real sense. These changes have made a man just like a machine. His emotional and sentimental thinking about life and its processes has become thought and conviction oriented. Spirituality has given way to materialism. Complexity has completely taken over simplicity as way of life and style. Generous and benevolent attitude of thinking about his colleagues and surroundings has been overpowered by selfish drives /eccentric and egoistic thinking. Simple habits of eating have transformed into fat rich diet and junk food. Diet poor in nutrients but rich in taste and flavor has take predominance over diet rich in nutrients. The active life style of toil and diligence has taken over by laziness and lethargy. Man has forgotten the time tested principle of “work is worship”. Simple living and high thinking  ideals have become things of the past. The innocence and simplicity of mind has given way to complex thinking. Man has become multi faced and hypocrite. He has become  great masquerador .He has gone away from nature. People in big metro politan cities go to sleep late and awake late in the day time. They have totally forgotten the beauty /charm of rising sun and setting sun? The tech crazy man is so busy and anxious that he has no time to see and enjoy the beauty of nature. The romantic poets of England in eighteenth century have given a call to man for"back to nature." All these vicissitudes  in the perspective of material/ psycho world have combined and cumulative effect on the psyche of man, eventually his body and blood stream. If I talk of village folk of India thirty years back , people did not know what sugar or diabetes is ?what is high blood pressure? The blind usage of antibiotics even for minor ailments analgesics for simple headaches and bodily pains,and  above all steroidal drugs have  greatly lowered the immunity level of mankind in general. Higher incidence of hypertension / arthrosclerosis/ IHD/ CAD/ in developed western countries compared to their counterparts in poor or developing countries is suggestive  of the role of life style in the in the formations/ deposits of  cholesterol plaques in blood stream  i.e arteries.. Apart of rapidly  changing life style and life pattern  of man the other factors that have contributed to the rising level of cholesterol in men/women  may be enumerate as under


Diet rich in fats

Diet rich in fats and cholesterols is one single major factor that has contributed to high levels of cholesterol in  modern men. Even in teens and youngsters high level of cholesterol has  been screened and observed.. Many studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of diet containing, large quantities of saturated fats in the form of milk, eggs and meat. Milk eggs and meat are richest source of animal fats. All these saturated fats raise the plasma  content and level of cholesterol. The affluent societies of modern age consume more of this type of rich and fatty diet without its burning by hard toiling , and these are the people or communities who are at greater risk of developing high level of cholesterols in their blood and eventfully to artherosclerosis, IHD, CAD and other blood related disorders; On the contrary the diet low in saturated fat content., and high in poly -unsaturated fats tends to lower the plasma cholesterol levels. Meat fish and meat oils are good substitutes for animal fats. The high wealthy class or  the children who are addicted to animal meats and eggs should resort to meat fish and fish oils in a big way if they are concerned of rising levels of cholesterol in their blood

Non fat factors

Aside from lipid rich diet, above mentioned high intake of total number of calories from carbohydrates, proteins and sweets has also adverse effects.



The fact that heavy smoking or addicted smoking tends to increase level of cholesterol and thus leading to high build up of plaques in arteries is no secret now. The extent and severity of artherosclerosis are much greater in smokers than in non smokers. Cigarette smoking is associated with higher risk of atherosclerotic IHD and sudden cardiac death. The increased risk and severity of artherosclerosis in smokers is due to reduced level of HDL and accumulation of carbon monoxide in the blood that produces carboxy-haemoglobin and eventually hypoxia in the arterial wall favoring artherosclerosis.

Diabetes mellitus

High Cholesterol level in blood and diabetes mellitus both are inter related. One tends to increase and multiply  the . effects of other. Rather both diabetes and cholesterol live in a very symbiotic relationship. Clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis are far more common and develop at an early age in people with both types of diabetes.—insulin dependent and non insulin dependent.. The risk of developing IHD in  diabetes people is doubled. Tendency to develop cerebro vascular disease is heightened. The tendency to develop gangrene of toes of feet is many times doubled in diabetic patients. The causes of developing arteriosclerosis are numerous and complex. These include increased concentration of LDL in blood and decreased level of HDL.

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